18.21 Man Made Air Freshener

YOU ASKED, WE LISTENED: Introducing our new Sweet Tobacco Air Freshener.

We get it, you can’t get enough of our signature, masculine aroma.

Now you have the option to take this scent any place you want. The air freshener has been modeled after our best-selling product, the 18oz Man Made Wash bottle.

Enjoy this charismatic scent that evokes a boozy night out at the local speakeasy with notes of saffron and dried fruits mellow to notes of dark-toned vanilla, and manuka honey.

How to Use: Hang from your rear-view mirror or in any place that needs a little freshening-up.

Like all things in life, nothing last forever. The longevity of the scent lasts in direct proportion to how much air exposure the air freshener gets. When it is first removed from the package, it will be a strong and powerful scent. However, over the course of a few weeks, the scent will start to fade.

18.21 Man Made

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