Flawless Diamond – Gem Lites Colorditioner

Daily deep moisture color depositing conditioner/mask with bond rebuilder

  • Removes unwanted yellow.
  • Create, refresh & maintain color in 2-5 mins. For color-treated blondes & browns with highlights.
  • Flawless Diamond will not have a result on brown hair without bleached highlights.
  • Use as a mask on clean dry hair for 20 mins for a deep moisturizing condition that strengthens hair with a smooth natural glossy finish.
  • To build the intensity of the color re-apply & use daily!
  • All products contain built-in Bond Rebuilder to strengthen, repair, and hydrate your hair with every wash.
  • We are Clean Beauty Hair Color. Crafted with plant-based ingredients such as palm, coconut, and sugar. 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free.
  • FDA & EU Safety Compliant Color


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