Oil of Oregano Drops, Org 1 oz

Our Oil of Oregano is Ready-to-Take and is in an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Carrier! This commonly used herb, with use dating back thousands of years, may be a great traditional remedy to keep nearby.

How it works

  • Did you know? Oregano gets its name from the Greek word “oreganos,” which loosely translates to “joy of the mountains.”
  • And, oregano was thought to be treasured by the Greek goddess Aphrodite!
  • Many may only be familiar with oregano because of its use in the kitchen, but it has had many traditional uses throughout its history in various parts of the world.
  • From ancient Egypt and Greece, to use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), essential oil of Origanum vulgare has been used in a variety of ways to support the immune system, gut, and overall health!
  • Though concentrated, our oil of oregano is diluted with organic extra virgin olive oil and has a 60% carvacrol content.
  • Try out this traditional herb to support your health today!


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